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Dan Finn Classic Scholarship Extends To Boston

Wil Hingston Family Picture

Wil Hingston (left) and family

Because of the close relationship that exists between the DFC and Brighton HS, Charlestown Boys and Girls Club, and The DMF Group (Ed Finn, Jr.), the DFC scholarship program has extended to Boston. The first recipient is a young man named Wil Hingston who will be attending Archbishop Williams High School in the fall.

Wil recently lost his dad  in a horrifying accident which left him,  his mom, and 2 siblings in dire financial straits  After consultation with all parties concerned; CBGC executive Derek Gallagher, Brighton HS coach Hugh Coleman, and DMF Group Principal Ed Finn, Jr., it was decided that the Hingston family fit the criteria necessary to warrant the award. We, at the DFC, extend our heartfelt condolences to the Hingston family and welcome the opportunity to help in a time of need.

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